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I'm Michael,
looking for a placement job


Web Developer

How I work

There are several ways to work ! I always choose the simplest ! The job have to be done ! It's that matter ! And it have to be done quickly and efficiently.


In university or in firm I always proceed by this way. This is not facility. Just I hear the client's wish and I propose to him a solution.


My other main way of work is the inspiration !

That's a very important thing. Indeed appart the technical side, the inspiration, your feeling, take a big place in all current projects which you're invested. Its that give to the project your own identity.


My Motivations

My daily motivation, is keep learning even more !

That's why I go to the university to learn even more !

By this way my personal enrichment is keep growing up, and of course my web skills still growing too !



My further motivation, in longer term, is trying to apply as much as possible the knowledges that I've learnt during class in my working hours in a company.

In order that cosolidate them and gain a solid work experience through of different projects that I might carry out !



I come from France ! Now I'm based near to Manchester, UK. I've decided to move to England to finish my studies. And getting an international profile.


I'm a very cool guy ! Funny guy too ! I'm open-minded ! And above all I'm calm !

No stress, say what you're thinking, do what you feel and assume that all experience is good to live ! That's my main motto !

When I decide to reach an objective I consecrate myself to it ! I'm determinate to reach objectives which seems important to me ! I work hard to reach it ! But always by the calming way !


I'm passionate about what I do.


I always love new technologies ! And I love to keep myself up to date to new technologies world ! Specially the latest web trend design. And the latest web developpement techniques too.


Since 2 years, I'm studying computer science. I love it, since my younger age.

I'm passionate about it ! And especially the web area ! Once my studies are over I'll want to work in this area.

That's why I specialize myself in web technologies for my last studies years !


Concerning languages that I speak, I'm a very lucky guy !
Why ? Simply because I come from a family that has several cultures. Indeed my grandparent have immigrated from Portugal to France, so they've taught me their portuguese culture. My parents and I were born in France. So french is our native language. And finally I've learnt English from school but not only, also by my own way. As soon as I can hear, read or write english, I do it ! I like it ! Therefore 
I speak 3 languages : French, English and Portuguese.

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